About BBS Church

We strive with all our might to be and act as 'One family - Loving God - Helping Others.'

Ours is not just a place to grow but to be at home! Although we are a suburban church, we are very glad to have different cultures represented in our Church.

The Questions we bring are important and we strive to get the answers through the Word and the Holy Spirit. We really believe that being a part of this church means being part of a family. Our family structure is based on the Bible which we believe to be the articulated Word of God. We believe it is important to encourage each other to live in obedience to what the Word of God commands. As disciples of our Lord Jesus, we are to deny self, take up our cross and follow Jesus. Nothing more is required. Nothing less will do.

As a group of non-denominational Christians, we take our relationship with Our Master, Jesus Christ very seriously. We also seek to build deep and authentic relationships with one another, and we desire to have an impact on our community. Our church is not large, rich, or famous. We support each other and have a lay-leadership. We believe this offers more opportunities for all to serve our Lord. It places more responsibility on each member to learn to care, love, and support each other in this holy life. We try to carry out our Lord's instructions to His church. We sometimes fail, but we keep trying by the grace of God.

Our style is relaxed and informal, and mostly contemporary. We'd love to have you join us for a Sunday morning service of praise and bible teaching, take part in one or more of our small fellowship groups, or simply just get together and talk about life and faith.